Helping entrepreneurs grow a 7-figure net worth while feeling balanced in life and business.

Helping entrepreneurs grow a 7-figure net worth while feeling balanced in life and business.

Are you ready to Effectively Delegate with Confidence?

Shawn Neff is a business leadership expert and global success coach. She will teach you how to master your chaos and create a flourishing business.

Download my free training that will help you feel more balanced in life and business. Instantly learn my Top 5 Steps to Effectively Delegate with Confidence.

You will discover…
  • The Top 3 Ways to Develop the CEO Mindset.
  • The #1 Secret to Selecting Effective Team Leaders.
  • 5 Tips to Managing Mental Chaos.
  • 3 Words That Will Facilitate Quick Action.
  • Simple 1-2-3 Strategy for Delegating.

What I do…

Through Mindset Coaching, High Performance Techniques, & Business Strategy you will become a CEO (Chief Entrepreneurial Officer) capable of growing & managing multiple income streams with confidence and success.

Your result…

Relief: Let’s get honest, you’re maxed out! Unsure of how you will juggle this mess that you have created, and always feeling behind. Through High Performance Techniques, you learn to create a container to thrive, and implement simple solutions to find spaciousness.

Anticipation: Discover the direction that you want grow your businesses, and the BIG picture of you purpose, passion, and profit.

Plans: The business strategy that you have been struggling to create comes together easily for optimized growth.

Organization: Simple daily action steps towards your goal is how we get you to the next level with short burst of massive action.

Growth: Expand your abilities to enjoy your life, family, health, & wealth while growing your 7-figure business.

I am the coach for you if you…

  • Are ready to become a serial entrepreneur
  • Want to work smarter not harder
  • Want to create additional revenue streams with ease
  • Want to make a difference with your money
  • Desire a close connection with your mentor
  • Have already crossed the 6-figure mark in your business
  • Resonate with words like: energy, mindset and alignment
  • Have million dollar goals
  • Are coachable, and willing to do things a different way

Programs begin at $5,000

This complimentary RISK FREE one hour session includes…

  • Discover the root cause to what is stifling your success.
  • Gain clarity around how to best utilize your time.
  • Create a strategy and implementation plan for new income ideas.

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Liberate Your Life

6 essential tools to help women entrepreneurs free up their time and build their dreams in a fiercely focused way.

Shawn is the most incredible mediator between what you are and what you could be. She has an uncanny ability to deal with whatever mess there is in your career that is keeping you from being at the next level. If you have a glass ceiling, you need to work with Shawn to bust through it. I am no longer middle management. I am no longer upper management. I am the CEO and I am the queen. Shawn has been my facilitator. There is only one thing standing in your way… YOU!”

Jayme Untiedt


Everything makes sense in my business! I already made back 75% of my investment.

I could go on and on about what’s changed for me, but for now I will just say if you’re even slightly thinking about working with Shawn…there’s a reason for it. Tune in and listen and take the leap!”

Kaycee Renee

“Take the leap!
I am compelled to take a moment to share my coaching experience with Shawn this past week. Like many of the women in this group, I am a business owner (Online Performance Improvement for the Home Furnishings Category). After many years of “thinking about it”, I finally took the leap and with Shawn’s help am in the process of creating a thriving high income business with ease and flow. Shawn’s sensitivity, creativity and intuition explores all that “can be” (and will be) in my business. She possesses a very unique skill set that envisions what is possible, and then works to painstakingly create the actions necessary to impeccably launch the vision. I couldn’t imagine that what seems to be a “mountain” is really an exciting and incredibly manageable process doing what I love. If you haven’t “taken the leap” yet, there is no one else that I could possibly imagine having as my coach and partner. Thanks Shawn!”

Jackie Massey- Hughes

“Shawn Neff gave me great guidance for my career transition. Her concrete tools, plans and processes, and energy make her a valuable coach to work with. More then anything, she gave me the focus and direction I needed when I did not know where to begin.”

Abdon Garay

About Shawn

Shawn Neff is a success coach who helps transform people into CEOs capable of running both profitable businesses and a flourishing home life. The unique program draws from her ability to make millions from multiple streams of income and her multifaceted career experiences in health, entrepreneurship, and motherhood. Neff’s incredible professional journey began, at 19, when she became the youngest female paramedic/search and rescue specialist in Northern Michigan.