Let’s face it.
Life sometimes seems like one problem after another.

If it isn’t the geothermal heating system backing up into your basement, it’s the car that doesn’t work, the staff that is frustrated you have changed projects without an agenda, or the client that wants something you can’t deliver.

Life is a continued set of asking questions and solving problems, and would be sooo much better if we didn’t have any of it.

But the reality of life is… Problems!
Your job is to become an expert on SOLUTIONS.

The 3 Secrets to Solving BIG or Small Problems:

1. Know that EVERY problem has a solution.
In all my years as a life-saving paramedic, during life or death situations, I learned that every problem has a solution. If you aren’t finding it, you have to look outside the “normal “ ideas. You have to go rogue, think big, stretch, and say, “what else is possible?”

2. Look at every solution.
You must look at every solution, weigh the risks, benefits, and rewards. Then, pick the top 2 and refine your decision-making skills.

3. Trust your intuition and take action
In order to become an expert at solving problems, you must become courageous enough to take action. Often, massive action – which can leave you feeling a bit empty. If you’re not careful, fear will kick in, and you will start to back-pedal.

Learning to make great decisions is a skill.
One that, with mentoring, can often become your super-power.

If you have a BIG decision to make, and need some guidance, book a strategy session with me.

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