There are at least a million “helpful” apps out there to choose from to make your life easier.  If you find sometimes yourself lost in a sea of endless business app possibilities, save the headache and stop the sorting.

Check out my top app picks to make your life easier and your business more productive.



1passwordI choose to have a unique password for everything. It can be challenging to remember all of them, except for those I frequently use.  Instead of sticking with that one unforgettable option for every login (which is a hacker’s dream), 1Password offers a place to store your information and keep it safe.  The only password you need to remember is the one that gives you access to your passwords.  How easy is that?!


Dropbox is a great place to store and share vacation photos. However, they offer much more than that. Their business app allows you to securely store and sync important files, simplify your workflow, and monitor your team’s progress.  Plus, this app offers an added feature to set administrative controls, so you regulate who can access and share pertinent, business information.  Wonderful peace of mind.


basecampBasecamp is a project management site for remote workers everywhere. Do you have virtual assistants? Copywriters? Editors? Website support?  Here you can setup projects, and organize and share documents, whether you are stuck at a hotel waiting for your next meeting, or sipping a cocktail in Maui.  The best part is that it is easy to sort various activities, where you (or your team) can comment, upload notes, or add relevant files pertaining to a specific project.  Basecamp also offers a message board to host discussions so you can eliminate unnecessary phone calls, texts, or emails.  This app even allows you to set automatic reminders to help keep you on track!


While running your business, you need the flexibility to sync with your team without being chained to your desk.  These apps are sure to help you sustain productivity while you are out growing your entrepreneurial dream!

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