I have discovered that the top 3 challenges of life are (minus illness which is at the top of the list)

1. Marriage
2. Children
3. Business

What if you are married to your business partner?

That is a whole new set of dynamics that can bring a cauldron of challenges for you, your relationship, and your family.

Here are some life-changing tips for you thrive as all three!

1. Family & Marriage Time 
Fun is non-negotiable! Your marriage and family is MOST important. I would bet that you even started your business for greater quality of life.  Then, your business took on a life of its own! You need to find a balance, and it starts with fierce boundaries!
Hint: Carve out 1 -2 nights per week just for you and the family!

2. King & Queen Leadership

The other struggle that shows up in your business, is that oftentimes, there are personal dynamics that are operating which can divide rather than conquer. Look closely at your leadership dynamics.  Does one person feel like the servant?  Is there tension with your delegation? Are you feeling challenged by your spouse? You need to discover how to be the King and Queen in Leadership.

3. Communication Techniques 
Oftentimes, we try to manage our spouse. We can feel ourselves pointing our finger, puffing up like a peacock, and then reaching a place of exasperation! Or, you can be on the receiving end of harsh and critical communication. Small tweaks or softening your communication style will allow your business to thrive and still maintain your relationship.  Phrases such as, “I am not available to be managed by you”,  “that is triggering for me”, “I am struggling with this”, or “I need support with this” can be helpful. These phrases are life-changing and will bring more harmony and clarity immediately.

Business relationships are my expertise!

If you are relating to this, send me an email at shawn@shawnneff.com.
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Shawn Neff

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