History is being made with the amount of financially independent women. Women (including me) who look on the outside like super woman!
A woman that can travel the world, raise our children, create wealth, and build 7 figure companies out of thin air.
But deep within women (I dare to say EVERY woman!) is the desire to partner with a man who has her back.
A man that has emotional intelligence, protection, structure, and conscious to hold a container for her feminine essence to come alive.
Men are dying to love women, and women are withering away without love!
What sense does that make?  
Men are designed to help women blossom!
For the first time in 15 years, my coaching practice is filled with the most incredible men.
These men are a litmus of the billions of men on the planet.
Men are struggling to find their place in the midst of high power, high performing women.
Men are wondering how to love and support their women.
The archetypal role of Provider and Protector is shifting to a more internal mastery.
A mastery necessary to learn to support this extraordinary shift in our society.
Women who continue to push with the #hustle are going to burn out!
When they are operating from their masculine, they don’t have the neurological framework to sustain it!
Women neurologically need men to find their power, and step into their ability to rest in consciousness.
Know that women desire to surrender!
Your role is to BE more.

5 Tools For Men In Relationship With High Power Women 


1. Be playful 
Laughter, Play & Flirting Are FUN!
2.  Be Thoughtful 
Do little things to relieve the pressure.
3. Be physical 
Ravage her body!
4.  Be Present 
Slow Down, put your phone away, FEEL us…
5. Be Fierce About Personal Development 
There is nothing more attractive then a man who is working on himself.
Are you a man looking for your tribe of Warrior Men?
Would you like to master these 5 things, AND spend a weekend in the wilderness with a small group of other men, fishing, shooting, and doing personal development?
Comment Below – YES.
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