Have you heard the saying “building a house is a great way to get divorced “?

Isn’t it a wonder, when you have built a business (or businesses) with your spouse that your relationship becomes dry?
Like a DESERT!

Possibly even leaving you feeling exhausted, exasperated, emotional, disconnected, frustrated, angry, hurt, terrified, and just plain … DONE. 

Like an “I can’t possibly do this” type of done, and wonder why you actually got married in the first place…

Don’t worry, there is HOPE.

You see, there is no manual on how to…
Get married
Have children
Build a business

And do everything in a spectacular way…..

During our recent Luxury Couples Retreat, I shared several tips on how to thrive in marriage, and want to share 5 of them here with you.

Here are 5 Ways Power Couples Entrepreneurs Can Thrive in Marriage  

1. Hear 
Practice actually hearing your partner.
Repeating back 1 sentence at a time.
What I hear you are saying is, ________________.

2. Feel
Rediscover the power of TOUCH.
Women actually require hugs that are 20 seconds long to reset the nervous system.
(My husband actually counts 1,2,3,4,5….)

3. See
Look, I mean really look at your partner and breathe them in.
Choose one thing that you LOVE about their appearance and compliment them, adore them, take the time to really look.

4. Celebrate 
Drinking wine occasionally, and eating pleasurable food is FUN…do more of it!

5. Expand Your Tool Box        
Get coaching to help you with tools to love and to increase your connection while being partners.
You need someone to sit with you while you process, hold space for you to grow, and give you tools to thrive.
Experiencing a Luxury Couples Retreat together is a perfect start and will give you these tools.

Do you need to reconnect with your partner?
Book your Luxury Couples Retreat: 3 Days of Private Coaching in a Mid-West cabin where you will learn:
Presence, Pleasure, and Clarity for high performing entrepreneurs.
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