On Memorial Day, my husband and I were enjoying an evening glass of wine, overlooking our property, and talking about “freedom”.

His life-long definition of freedom is: to do what you want on your time.
However, sometimes a bit unrealistic with kids, dogs, kids, horses, and life, he holds fiercely to this eutopian desire of freedom.
It is our most important core value.

As I write this, we are packed and ready for…
2 Day Horse Show
Shawn to LA for 5 Days
Jay leaves on motorcycle the day after Shawn gets back
Jay flies home from South Dakota for speaking event with daughter
One-way June 20th tickets booked for South Dakota motorcycle trip with son

Time, money, and courage are the things that you need to make this type of life work.

For you, the 7 Words to your Financial Freedom are:

You. Need. To. Start. Your. Own. Business.
Work. It. Like. Your. Life. Depends. On. It.

I have found that people give up long before things start to work.

You must literally commit yourself to your dreams, goals, and desires for freedom to get what you want, when you want it… and PLAY FULL OUT.

Most people give it about 35-50%.

What might be possible for you if you :
1. Cleared your mental bandwidth so you have more time, energy and focus?
2. Choose to give it 110%
3. Serve your clients like family
4. Show up powerfully – all of the time

You don’t need all the answers,  you just need the courage to find them!

May you find your freedom!

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