Tell me, “what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

As a small child, I knew the answer to this question from poet Mary Oliver. I would follow in my parents’ courageous footsteps. As active members of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and bona fide entrepreneurs, they instilled a fierce drive in me. By 19, I became the youngest female paramedic/search and rescue specialist in Northern Michigan, managing patient care and making life-changing decisions in a matter of moments.

I loved the adrenaline and ability to take care of people but, after 10 years, the stress took a serious toll on my body and spirit, so I had to retire. Luckily, the same skills that made me successful at saving lives—knowing how to prioritize critical decisions, delegate efficiently plus, use my innate intuition for innovative solutions—could work magic in the business world as well.

The challenge of rebuilding my body and mind, after suffering from PTSD and systemic infections in my immune system, turned into a career opportunity. After getting certified in Pilates and Kinesiology, I started a holistic health practice, to help others become the architect of their own wellness plan. My goal wasn’t completely selfless. I hoped the business would give me enough financial freedom to get divorced if I wanted to, but ironically, the success of it empowered me and took away all the pressure in my marriage. That entire experience taught me so much about the formula for living your best life.

It’s impossible for me to sit still for too long, so I have also created seven streams of income including helping to manage two family businesses, a storage facility and Legacy Farms, a world-class equestrian center in Harbor Springs, Michigan with my husband. This may sound like a recipe for constant chaos, but I never feel like I’m on a hamster wheel. Instead, there is an incredible rhythm to my life. It’s full of financial security, rewarding work and fun vacations that either fulfill my need for luxury or rugged adventure. Most importantly, there is a lot of quality time with my husband Jay, daughter Hannah, and son Forrest. We feel confident that we’re passing the right values on to them—ensuring they live up to their potential instead of squandering their good fortune.

The only thing missing, I realized a few years ago, was the joy that comes from helping others achieve that same tranquility. In 2015, I became a certified online business coach, working with clients all over the world, to grow their businesses exponentially and create their own blueprint for extreme financial success.

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