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3 Secrets to Solving Problems

Let's face it. Life sometimes seems like one problem after another. If it isn’t the geothermal heating system backing up into your basement, it’s the car that doesn’t work, the staff that is frustrated you have changed projects without an agenda, or the client that...

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3 Tools to Pivot Your Career

Are you at that place in your career where you wanting MORE? Maybe there is a void or a feeling of emptiness, wondering, and even dare I say a longing? You're itching for time, freedom, money, purpose, and creativity. I am not the person that could ever imagine having...

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What You Must Do Before Taking Off for Vacation

We so look forward to our vacations.  Then, we finally get there and can’t seem to turn our mind off what may be piling up on our desk, or inbox, or calendar…you can relate!  So, how do we actually let ourselves ENJOY our much-deserved time away?  It takes discipline...

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What We Can Learn from Top Professional Women

Let’s be clear, we know we don’t have all the answers.  But then again, we realize our business and personal decisions can produce growth or create a steady decline.  If you are willing to learn from those who have mastered success, YOUR possibility to thrive is...

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3 Apps that Make Your Life Easier

There are at least a million “helpful” apps out there to choose from to make your life easier.  If you find sometimes yourself lost in a sea of endless business app possibilities, save the headache and stop the sorting. Check out my top app picks to make your life...

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Make this Your Most Successful Year Yet!

Tips for Getting Your Business and Your Personal Life on Track LIFE happens.  Obstacles never arise at the most convenient times.  But, when we get off track, the biggest challenge can be hopping right back on that proverbial success train.  You have magnificent ideas...

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