There is an epidemic of frigid women.

She is angry as a hornet and cold as an iceberg (especially in bed).
She feels closed down, locked up, and hard around the edges…but keeps asking for MORE and DIFFERENT.
She is waiting for her man to prove his love (again and again) and then she will show her love…. but often it’s too late.

Men give up, move on, and find another.
Women then become more calculated and cool, and the endless cycle begins again.
Hence, why we have an epidemic of frigid women, and lonely men.

Hopefully today can be life-changing (share THIS)!

A Bit About Me:
I myself was a frigid woman, thinking this was the best way to “train my husband.”
But what I didn’t realize that I was:

  1. Driving a wedge
  2. Breaking trust
  3. Discrediting him.
  4. Making him RUN the other direction.

The truth is…a happy man only has a desire to be with YOU!

It took years of personal development and feminine embodiment work to transform my life and marriage.

Now, my coaching practice is unintentionally men!
The type of men that brings a whole new meaning to masterful humans.

Here is what I have learned after almost 18 years of marriage and mentoring these incredible men:


Men’s primary goal is to make women happy!


Men go ALL IN for personal development! (Men are my highest paying clients and most value my work! From $12,000-$35,000 programs without a blink of an eye, request for a refund, or question about the value) That is commitment! They show up, ask questions, and take notes! They are serious about being better men.


Men have a 3 time program – *three times with the same results*
This means that you have requested him to change, but you are still frigid 3 times or more, he gives up.

Can you relate?
Men want to support…
Men want to love…
Men want to protect…
Men are literally dying to love….

If you can resonate, but don’t know where to start, here are a few tips.

Tips for Women

  1. Focus on releasing your pain and suffering.
  2. Use clear language (I need support with…)
  3. Consciously touch – It will give them confidence.

Tips for Men

  1. Use Clear Language (How can I support you?)
  2. Practice being present with her by putting your phone down.
  3. Look into her eyes – it calms the nervous system.

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