6 Essential tools to help women entrepreneurs free up their time and build their dreams in a fiercely focused way.

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What You Will Learn
Creating Spaciousness

Spaciouness is an art of bringing things to conclusion, creating more mental bandwidth, providing a physical space for the new to manifest. Through a short video and this guide I’ll show you how.

The Art of Feminine Wealth

In this lesson you will take a look deeper and find the root of your money issues. You’ll learn to utilize divine power to shift your internal belief systems and watch miracles flow.

Dream Big Darling

This lesson will change your life; and, it will open your reality to dreams, desires and seeds of potential that have been locked within you.

40 Snacks
On The Go

As a Busy entreurprenur, food is the hardest thing to manage.  We are often grabbing food on the GO, and the choices are often fattening, and low vibe. The results making you feel Blah! 40 snacks on the go is designed to give you quick, easy, and nourishing snacks to support your brain and body. 

How to Free Up
4+ Hours/Day

Take a look at the things that you do everyday, and create more time through delegating.

Feircely Focused
Success Plan

In a short video I’ll share with you my step by step process for staying focused and making massive progress in your business. Paired with a 21 day planner to help you implement it right away.

BONUS: Freedom Education

My Guide for Homeschooling as a High Performing Entrepreneur.

Liberate Your Life is for you if…
  • Life feels like your on a hamster wheel, and you must get off NOW!
  • You feel like you never have enough time. 
  • You often hear your heartbeat in your ears.
  • You catch yourself racing from one end of town to another.
  • Your children keep telling you to “get off your phone”.
  • You find yourself grabbing fast-food often.
  • You long for peace, passion and purpose.

I’ve been there, and Liberate Your Life is made just for YOU…

Value $497 Only $147

Everything makes sense in my business! I already made back 75% of my investment.

I could go on and on about what’s changed for me, but for now I will just say if you’re even slightly thinking about working with Shawn…there’s a reason for it. Tune in and listen and take the leap!”

Kaycee Renee

“Take the leap!
I am compelled to take a moment to share my coaching experience with Shawn this past week. Like many of the women in this group, I am a business owner (Online Performance Improvement for the Home Furnishings Category). After many years of “thinking about it”, I finally took the leap and with Shawn’s help am in the process of creating a thriving high income business with ease and flow. Shawn’s sensitivity, creativity and intuition explores all that “can be” (and will be) in my business. She possesses a very unique skill set that envisions what is possible, and then works to painstakingly create the actions necessary to impeccably launch the vision. I couldn’t imagine that what seems to be a “mountain” is really an exciting and incredibly manageable process doing what I love. If you haven’t “taken the leap” yet, there is no one else that I could possibly imagine having as my coach and partner. Thanks Shawn!”

Jackie Massey- Hughes

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  • 6 Video Lessons
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