Tips for Getting Your Business and Your Personal Life on Track

LIFE happens.  Obstacles never arise at the most convenient times.  But, when we get off track, the biggest challenge can be hopping right back on that proverbial success train.  You have magnificent ideas and the talents to achieve them, so let’s get you headed towards the pathway of success!

organized deskNow that first quarter is almost over, how are you progressing towards your business goals? Are you finding yourself lost in a sea of overwhelming tasks that are holding you back?

  1. First, organize yourself and figure out how to jump back in and get started! No need to feel overwhelmed.  Create a prioritized To-Do List, then carefully consider what can be delegated.  Visibly check the items off your list upon completion and appreciate each accomplishment.
  2. Eradicate distractions! Could these disturbances be the reason you have fallen off base? Write down your goals and place them in a location you frequent.  Use them as a reminder to stay on target, and disregard any requests that will keep you from successfully reaching these goals.  You can’t say “yes” to everything!  Just be certain that your “yes” has value.
  3. Utilize your resources. Do you have a trustworthy team of people who also want your business to prosper?  Let them help you!  Don’t be afraid to ask, and never assume that “you can do it better” or, “it is just easier to do it myself.”  You may be surprised that a different method may be the key to triumph!  Have a close mentor to solicit honest feedback on how you are progressing towards your goals.


The success of your business begins with YOU.  Please don’t misunderstand, strategies are essential for keeping your business growing when you are simply unable to run the show.  Find a healthy balance between work and personal growth and, most importantly, respect the boundaries.  Remember to do these three essential things:

  1. Take time for yourself to clear your mind of stress and stimulation. The idea is to relieve anxiety, slow your pace, and help you to recharge and refocus.  Perhaps you are an introvert who loves the idea of a few hours alone, or maybe this concept seems dreadful.  Either way, it is essential.  It will help you to create a healthy pattern of independence.
  2. Make room for hobbies. Live a little and have some fun! Dust off your hiking boots or running shoes and get out there.  Make it more fun by grabbing a few friends to enjoy the adventure with you!  Have a competitive spirit?  Try and beat your best buddy on the tennis court.  You get the point.
  3. Stay positive. Do you have someone reminding you often that you are strong, beautiful, and worthy?  We all need affirmation, so let your girlfriends be your #1 fans and you be theirs.  Share your dreams with each other, and encourage one another.  “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and sings it back to you when you have forgotten how it goes.” – Rishikas Jain

Developing a culture of business and personal growth may be easier than you think.  Figure out what motivates you, and follow these steps to keep you focused to be your best YOU!

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