Perfection is the #1 killer to a great life, business, and relationship.

The feeling that you must “be perfect or you’re not worthy” will capture your soul, stifle your creativity, and force you to feel like you aren’t measuring up.

Maybe you rationalize… it wouldn’t be perfect, so why even bother.

Can you relate?

The Perfectionism Programming:
1. We want the perfect body.
2. Perfect business.
3. Perfect sex-life.
4. Perfect skin.
5.  Perfect clients.
6. Perfect holidays.
7. Perfect relationships.
8. Perfect words.

We can be so afraid of being imperfect, we stay stagnant.

Maybe you choose not to speak your truth, say hello, smile because your teeth are yellow, or really get out of your own way.

If you are having trouble with feelings of “everything needs to be perfect before…”, here are a few tips that will change your life!

1. Be willing to be awkward before elegant.
You HAVE to start!  Be okay with making mistakes.  It’s part of the process – take the advise you would give to a child learning to ride a bike:  Practice makes perfect — do it even when you’re not great at it yet.

2. Perfectionism is for poor people.
It keeps you stuck, analyzing for too long, and remaining “comfortable”.  Nothing great ever happens in the comfort zone.  If you want more, you must first BE more, and to BE more you must be willing to DO more.

3. Imperfect action creates momentum.
Have you ever noticed that the people who are extremely successful take ACTION on their ideas QUICKLY?  And not only that, they continue to go, go, go… they may rest but they do not retreat.  Keep going and don’t lose momentum!

Work with these concepts and see how your life unfolds into a richness of action and abundance.

Do you need help moving through your perfectionism programming?

Let’s have a conversation. 

Reach out, we we can talk about some life changing – permanent solutions.

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