We so look forward to our vacations.  Then, we finally get there and can’t seem to turn our mind off what may be piling up on our desk, or inbox, or calendar…you can relate!  So, how do we actually let ourselves ENJOY our much-deserved time away?  It takes discipline and boundaries.  It may be difficult, but here you go.  My “Vacation-Must Checklist.”

  1. Let everyone know you are away.
    • Set an automatic “Out of office” response in your email settings.
    • Block your calendar so nothing can be scheduled…even a quick phone call!
    • Update your outgoing voicemail message to notify callers that you are unavailable.
  2. Finish your work early.
    • Finalize any work that is due throughout your vacation or immediately following.
    • Delegate anything that could unexpectedly arise to a trusted colleague.
    • Make a list of how to jump back in when you return.
  3. Leave vital information with your co-workers.
    • Make sure you have a list of necessary passwords for anyone who may need access to email, voicemail, or your computer.
    • Leave an office key to those in charge during your absence.
    • Bring someone up to speed on all outstanding projects so they can answer questions or take over in your absence.

Now that you have taken care of these important steps, here is what you do when you arrive at your destination.

  2. Have a cocktail.
  3. Spend time with the people you are on vacation with!
  4. Read a book.
  5. Get a massage.
  6. Take a yoga class. Or cycling.  Or aerobics.
  7. Laugh.
  8. Eat a fantastic meal…. with extra dessert.
  9. Go out dancing.
  10. Don’t spend your free time thinking about work.

Make this a summer to remember.  It’s easier than you think!




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