The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. –Eleanor Roosevelt

We all search for the moment when we feel purposeful. It is a moment when time seems to stand still, and everything in the body feels alive. When all your senses are honed, and full, and rich with information, that this incredible computer of a body then processes.

For example… have you ever had the experience of eating raw honey?

Raw honey comes from the hive, rich with nutrients from mother earth. Golden in color, translucent in the sun. The wax is soft to the touch, and malleable in your hands. The honey nectar inside is warm, and oozes through your finger tips as it drips down your fingers. As you taste it, the sweetness touches your tongue, smooth crystals begin to form as the honey dissolves, leaving a texture of pure satisfaction on your mouth.

You can see how all 5 of your senses come alive with this experience.

For you to have the feelings of wholeness, completeness, and joy, you need to give yourself permission to use ALL of your senses.

The key is, your ability to feel may have been shut off due to painful experiences…(these can be healed!)

Lets look at the 5 senses for living.

Sight — This is our ability to see in a 360 degree view. Objective and subjective at the the same time. It is the ability to be compassionate and yet detached. It is our ability to find solutions to seemingly impossible situations.

Sense — The physical world comprises only 50% of what’s going on around us. Developing your ability to FEEL, sensing the subtle energy shifts around you, and changes of relationship dynamics before they are critical will provide a new level of mastery for you.

Sound — Subtle changes in the pressure, sound, and tonality will allow you to be more sensitive and reactive to the world around you.

Touch — Tenderness and connection with others creates warmth and connection that you seek in all your relationships.

Taste — Taking pleasure from the food we eat, and know that it nourishes our body.

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Shawn Neff

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